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About NRC

Our mission is to supply uniform and high quality service
in low fee, fast, without center, Can not be usurped

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David Dong
Chairman of the holding
of DaiQiLe Group
Joshua Shelton
Advanced engineer and architect, 10 years experience on software program development, 5 years experience as top technology director
Aaron lu
Senior engineer, he has the experience of building a construction scalable IT project square more than 12 years
Senior engineer, he self-studying more than 10 kinds of programming language
Wendy Jia
in particular specializes in creative problem solve the dynamic changing the new business environment
Alina Wang
5 years experience of retailing, 3 years experience of sales for IT business
private placement the actual involved in Token the total accounted for all Token proportion of S% no more than 20%,this involved private placement quantity is 0-20)%,is 0-16 billion, the final quantity is subject to the actual situation.
1ETH =50000NRC
private placement time start from 21th.March
Please send email to : and we will let you know if you subscript successfully or not.
Recommender or Middleman
Address to receive BTC or ETH
We will send email to confirm the subscription successfully
What is NRC?
NRC is based on the Ethereum issued of intelligent contract, not relies on any company and platform, and never disappeared, so it will be circulation forever. Essentially, NRC is equal to Bit coin, Lite coin, Ether Coin and so on block chain digital currency, so after token, it will exist forever.
What is the total amount of NRC?
NRC release the total 80 billion coins, will not increase the quantity forever.
private placement accept BTC and ETH, Min. is 1 BTC or 10 ETH
NRC will be exchanged by BTC and ETH, the price will be 0.2 CNY, the market price will be 1CNY after private placement , the private placement price will be 1 BTC is 500000 NRC and 1 ETH is 50000 NRC.